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On Grid Solar Plants

Enabling property owners to balance their grid electricity demand with solar power, potentially saving money on electricity bills.

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Off Grid Solar Plants

Panels equipped with intelligent charge controllers and inverters that optimise energy production and storage, allowing our customers to have a reliable power supply even during periods of low sunlight.

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Solar Water Heaters

The ultimate solution for energy-efficient and eco-friendly hot water production. The GSL solar water heater features high-quality, durable components that are designed to maximise the absorption of solar energy. The system includes a flat plate solar collector, which is made of high-degrade materials that are optimised for heat transfer and corrosion resistance.

EV Charging Station

The tool used to supply electric vehicles with a source of power is known as an EV charging station. In order to charge EVs, we offer solar energy power. DC and AC charging are also services we offer. Typically, residential areas utilise AC, which is slow charging, while commercial areas use DC, which is quick charging.

Hybrid Solar Plant

The hybrid solar system is the combination of On-grid and Off-grid system. The hybrid system is connected to grid via net metering and also it can store power in batteries and candeliver power during power failures. The important benefit of hybrid system is that it can deliver power without disruptions.