The Best Solar Company in Kochi: Myths about Solar Panels

Being the best solar service provider in the city also is also about attending every queries customers will have about their solar plants. GSL Energy Solutions, being the popular choice among the households and industrial customers who switch to solar often encounters the type of myths they come across with their potential customers who are new to switching to solar power either at their home or office. Having a solar plant on the home terrace, used to be only the rich people’s choice earlier, but with rise in the fuel and electricity prices, there has been a rising trend even with the middle-class, to switch to solar power. With a humble gesture to popularise solar power among Malayalees, GSL Energy Solutions, has this list of myths that exists to people who are new to solar plants.

Popular Myths about Solar Panels

  1. The wet season has little effect on solar power / Solar Panels don’t work during rainy season
    It is completely false; alike during the rainy season, the sun will rise. Even if the amount of electricity produced will be somewhat reduced, it will nonetheless create electricity.
  2. After a solar installation, no maintenance is necessary.
    This notion is false. Solar panels must occasionally be cleaned. The connections on every panel need to be regularly examined. The conveyance of power may be reduced if dust or bunched bricks cover the panel; in this situation, after-sale support is needed.

Why Choose GSL

GSL Energy solutions have accomplished installing 120 domestic and 15 commercial purpose solar plants this year. Our technical team explains every details to the client, even before customers makes a decision about installing a plant at his property. This transparency, that is maintained at every stage of the project is an assurance about the service quality GSL offers. You can watch our happiest customers talk about us on our YouTube channel by clicking here.

Projects at GSL Energy Solutions are continuously monitored, and any changes to electricity output are immediately and completely communicated to the client

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